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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jack Nilles comenta msg sobre telecentros!

Jack Nilles, pai do conceito Teletrabalho, comenta ideia dos Telecentros na Beira Interior.

I have long felt that home-based telework in Europe and Asia would be more difficult than in the US because of the disparity in home sizes (250 sq.m in the US vs 100 sq.m in Europe and less in most of Asia). So I was always surprised when I visited Europe to see so many home-based teleworkers. I think that you are still right; there needs to be more effort on developing neighborhood and regional telework centers. One of the chapters in my book Managing Telework concentrates on the issues of marketing telework centers.

Best regards,

Jack Nilles

Jack M. Nilles
JALA International, Inc.

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